Key Information

Extended Learning

At Healing Academy, we set no limits on what every student can achieve. Our curriculum is ambitious and implemented via high-quality teaching and learning. At the same time, we identify, promote and value opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Our students are conscientious, and the extended learning opportunities outlined below support students to be life-long learners and provide them with the opportunities to enrich their cultural capital.

Extended Learning Procedures 2023-2024
Extended Learning Procedures.pdf

Train Your Brain Booklets
Year 7 Term One.pdf
Year 8 Term One.pdf
Year 9 Term One.pdf

Love to Learn Projects
Year 7 Love to learn.pdf
Year 8 Love to learn.pdf
Year 9 Love to learn.pdf

Boost your Brain Projects
Year 7 Boost Your Brain.pdf
Year 8 Boost Your Brain.pdf
Year 9 Boost Your Brain.pdf

Years 10 and 11 – iRevise Personal Learning Checklists
REViSE Booklet.pdf