The children in Red and Orange Class were very excited to see that we had received a surprise visit from a very important bunny at lunchtime. She must have thought we had been working very hard as she left us some Easter treats! Happy Easter!

This week we launched our Year 5 Pledge.

The children in year 5 work to achieve the pledges in the run up to Year 5 graduation. When they achieve a pledge and have it signed off, they get a badge. The aim is to collect at least 5 badges to graduate year 5. The children are really excited and have already started to tick of their first pledges.

Nursery had a visit from Rhubarb Theatre who shared the story of the Little Red Hen in Something Wonderful.

The children were enthralled as you can see by the expressions on their faces. Soon they will all get their own book of the story to take home and share with their families.

Handa’s Surprise

This week  some children have been learning all about Handa’s Surprise. The children have been very creative, using their fine motor skills to weave and cut out a basket design and then some problem solving skills to make an actual basket that they can use to carry fruit, like Handa did.


Festival of Reading

As part of Festival of Reading Week the children were given a competition task to redesign the front cover of their favourite book. Over 100 entries were submitted and the School Councillors judged the entries and selected both the winner and runner up. Each winner received a graphic novel; that is our spotlight on reading at present. Well done everybody.

Class Winners


Art’s Week

Every class across the school took part in our Arts Week which focused on studying the beautiful books and illustrations by Jackie Morris, who was also our Spotlight on Reading theme for February. Each year group created dances, music and artwork inspired by Jackie’s books. The children’s artwork has been brought together as a fantastic collection, they have worked so hard!

Children across the school enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. We had a wide variety of different characters from their favourite stories. 

News coming soon…

The children in Reception enjoyed the veterinary nurse come in with her dog, Dexter, and telling us all about her job. Dexter was an excellent model.


The children in Year One mixed their design technology skills with geography knowledge and learnt how to safely use a knife to cut some delicious Lincolnshire foods.
There was plum bread and Lincolnshire Yellow Bellies but it was the sausages that got the biggest thumbs up.

Year 5 made a collaborative herd of elephants for arts week based on a book by Jackie Morris.

Jackie Morris is an author and illustrator, born in Birmingham and lived there until at the age of four when her parents moved to Evesham. From at least the age of six she wanted to be an artist.

This term in PSHE Year 3 have been learning about families and close positive relationships.

The children have been looking at the different kinds of families and some characteristics of a healthy family life. This week, Year 3 were looking at boundaries. They were comparing the different types of boundaries you have with different relationships you hold. Year 3 were experts when it came to organising them into heathy and unhealthy boundaries. Excellent job Year 3!